Millennium Crypto Universe offers a complete ad hoc home mining solution for its customers.

  • At any time you can see what your BTC mine is generating directly in your wallet.

  • You buy your mining power (hardware) from us and Millennium Crypto Universe takes care of it and keeps it at full capacity, in a safe place and with the best electricity rates.

  • All the worries fall on our side so that you can enjoy a true passive investment.

What is the return?

  • Profitability is always linked to the price of Bitcoin.

  • As the cost of electricity is fixed, this means that the rising price of Bitcoin increases the return exponentially.

  • Contact us and we will help you calculate the returns on the model of your choice.


What is the hardware?

  • We always work with the most efficient hardware models on the market at all times.

  • Antminer S19j Pro+ ( 120T 3300W 27.5J/T)

  • Whatsminer M50 (118T 3540W 30.0J/T)

What is the electricity cost?

  • All-in rate of 0.075 € kWh

    What is the Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow model?

    • In general, the Stock-to-Flow model is used to measure the finite supply of an asset. Stock-to-Flow (S2F) ratios are used to measure the current stock of an asset against its annual production. In other words, it quantifies the scarcity of the asset. In the case of Bitcoin, "stock" refers to the existing reserve or total supply already mined. "Flow" refers to the amount of new coins mined each year. Mathematically, S2F is the ratio of the total number of coins mined to the number of BTC produced each year.

    • Currently, Bitcoin has a stock of approximately 18.5 million coins mined so far, and approximately 900 coins are created every day. This puts Bitcoin's "flow" at about 328,500 BTC per year. According to Clark Moody's scorecard, Bitcoin's S2F ratio is currently 56, making it almost as scarce as gold. It is estimated that after the 2024 halving, its SF will surpass that of gold, making Bitcoin the world's scarcest asset in terms of stock-to-flow ratio.

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